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Academic Medicine and Bioscience

Advancing medical education and biomedical research in Cleveland

The Foundation strengthens Cleveland's prominence as a national leader in medical education and biomedical science, perpetuating Mt. Sinai Medical Center’s leadership in these areas. Collaboration with Case Western Reserve University School of Medicine and Cleveland's academic medical centers presents the most compelling opportunities to build regional capacity and stimulate progress.

Impact at a glance.
The Mt. Sinai Health Foundation Scholars Program

Medical research figured very prominently in Mt. Sinai Medical Center’s nearly 100 years of service to Cleveland and to humanity.  When the hospital was sold in 1996, it was the task of the emerging Mt. Sinai Foundation to develop strategies to perpetuate the Mt. Sinai legacy in teaching and research medicine.  


Impact at a glance.
Youth Enjoy Science/Scientific Enrichment Opportunity YES/SEO

YES/SEO is Case Western Reserve University School of Medicine’s high school student research program. It is entering its 20th year of engaging students to complete high school and enter college in pursuit of careers in biomedical research and health care delivery. The program places high school students in a CWRU faculty mentor’s laboratory for eight weeks of research experience and provides lecture, networking, and retreat opportunities for the students throughout the summer.

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School of Dental Medicine, Case Western Reserve University

“Mt. Sinai Health Foundation funds have been instrumental in putting our program in a unique place,” Dr. Manish Valiathan said of the Surgical and Craniofacial Fellowship Program at Case Western Reserve University. Mt. Sinai’s partnership trains fellows craniofacial anomalies at CWRU to inspire confidence in their patients as they integrate back into society with help of top-tier technology, applied research, and clinical practice.

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